the name's justin.
i'm twenty-one.
things to expect: hot guys, fashion, rants, amazing photography, humor, sarcasm, and more hot guys.
my favorite words: bitch, slut, cunt, whore, fierce, flawless, werq
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Ports 1961 Fall 2014
"Education can be thought of as a ‘positional good’, and as basic levels of educational attainment become near‐universal, the real competition is pushed upwards to higher levels of qualification, where we can expect the class gap to be wider. For example, in the USA, where a high proportion of the population attains undergraduate degrees, demand for post‐graduate education has increased correspondingly. Factors such as institutional prestige and field of study become increasingly important (Van de Werfhorst & Kraaykamp, 2001). For example, if an increasing proportion of people are getting university degrees, it becomes correspondingly more important where one’s degree is from, and in what subject."
Anthony Heath et al. 2011, Equalisation or inflation? Social class and gender differentials in England and Wales

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"I’d be his, if he asked."

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with father and boyfriend at family dinner me: Can you please pass the butter, Daddy?
father and boyfriend at same time: Okay.